About Us

Trusted for over 30 years by experts 

Hamilton Technology has been a dominant force in the aquarium lighting industry for over 30 years- the leading manufacturer of high quality Metal Halide, T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent, Compact Fluorescent and LED lighting available at the lowest prices.

Our mission is to offer you, ‘state of the art’ lighting that meets our highest standards of quality, innovation, and value. We strive to anticipate, understand, meet and exceed our customer’s needs and expectations while delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. Our vision is to simplify the aquarium product experience for our customers. We value our customers tremendously because it is their preference and trust that allows us to continue serving them throughout the years. We take our business seriously and we strive to be your number one source for your aquarium needs.

Our goal is to be ‘the standard by which others are measured’ we will never waiver. We continually redefine our industry, setting new standards for aquarium equipment, aquarium products, services and business practices. Order with confidence from Hamilton Technology and always receive quality products backed by the best customer service.