Aruba Sun V Series - T5 Retrofit Kit - Bulbs Included

Aruba Sun V Series - T5 Retrofit Kit - Bulbs Included

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Aruba Sun V™ Series T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent Retrofit Ultimate Lighting

Upgrading your Aquarium Lighting & Eliminating Shadowing issues is easy to fix

  • Available in 2 Ft, 3 Ft or 5 Ft
  • Simple to use.  No assembly or wiring required.  Just insert the two T5 bulbs, attach the reflectors and plug in.
  • 2 - T5 HO Bulbs are included
  • Can be mounted into your existing canopy or suspended above the tank
  • Versatile: install 1, 2 or 3 Aruba Sun Series T5 HO pairs side by side or staggered in your existing aquarium hood
  • German mirror-finish, anodized corrosion resistant Wrap around T5 reflectors
  • Built-in electronic ballast to improve light output and intensity
  • Excellent lighting for reef aquariums, freshwater, saltwater, soft coral or plant tanks
  • Achieve your desired lighting effects by combining Super Daylight 10,000K Brilliant with Actinic Royal Blue 460nm T5 High Output (HO) bulbs. Or add color with all Royal blue 460nm bulbs
  • Moisture-proof lamp holders
  • 11 foot power cord allows for automation of lighting cycles when using timers
  • Quick and easy to install
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