80 Watt HO 420nm Actinic 03 T5 Bulb

80 Watt HO 420nm Actinic 03 T5 Bulb

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T5 High Output Fluorescent Replacement Light for Your Aquarium

20 years of U.S. and German engineering, technology and testing give you the quality you demand

  • Hamilton Technology's lights are recommended by ideal for proper growth and development of coral, anemones and invertebrates
  • Supplies the most concentrated light intensity, color spectrum and wavelength essential for photosynthesis and coral health
  • Vivid, sparkling and natural looking light enhances the look of your tank inhabitants
  • Proper spectrum, color stability and light output essential for the health of your aquarium

80 Watt True Super Actinic 03 420nm

  • Excellent choice for saltwater and reef aquariums
  • Promotes photosynthesis essential for the health of coral and invertebrates
  • Dark color intensifies the beauty and vibrant color in fish, coral and marine life
  • Best supplemented with 6700K Daylight or 10,000K Super Daylight for dawn to dusk control
  • 57.5" Long - 5/8" Diameter
Length 57.5"
Wattage 80W
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