Cebu Sun System - Radium 250 Watt & M80 Ballasts

Cebu Sun System - Radium 250 Watt & M80 Ballasts

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Cebu Sun™ System - Radium 250 Watt & 250 Watt M80 Ballasts

Metal Halide & 4 x T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent System

Radium 250 Watt MH bulbs combined with M80 ballasts & Hamilton T5 460nm Blue HO bulbs provide high par, even coverage, amazing coral growth
& beautiful, natural looking coral colors. 

•  Includes all bulbs - Radium 250 Watt 20K & Hamilton 460nm Actinic Royal Blue T5 HO
•  Includes all ballasts - Hamilton 250 Watt M80 ballasts (remote, individual MH ballast per MH bulb) & built-in Electronic T5 HO ballasts
•  No shadowing problems - this light completely blankets the aquarium so you wont have shading problems inside & underneath your corals
•  No disco effects - this light provides a natural, blended light shimmer effect without the spotty disco look other lights can give a tank
•  German mirror finish, polish aluminum reflector
•  Superior craftsmanship - Fan cooled, durable powder coated black aluminum housing
•  Can be placed directly on top of aquarium or hung above aquarium (eye hooks & legs provided)
•  Protective tempered glass UV lens
•  Fully assembled & easy to use - this is a plug & play system.  It does not require it to be a "dial in".  Just set up, install lamps, plug in and achieve amazing results for years & years. 

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