400 Watt 20,000K Radium Bulb

400 Watt 20,000K Radium Bulb

Brand: Hamilton Technology
Product Code: A40020
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Metal Halide the Best Lighting for Your Aquarium

Radium 20,000K

Ideal Choice for Deeper Marine Life

  • German made 400 Watt lamp by Radium
  • Deep Blue appearance
  • Provides the aquarium with an attractive, actinic blue look 
  • Promotes the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral
  • Intensifies the natural fluorescence in fish, coral and marine life
  • Must be used with 400 Watt Pulse Start Ballast ANSI code M135 or 400W HQI ballast or 400 Wat Electronic ballast.  Will light with ANSI M59 standard magnetic ballast but lights sluggishly.

Suggested Metal Halide Wattage Guide: 400w for tank depth of 24"- 48"     

Description Use with Magnetic HQI ballast ANSI code M80
Bulb Base E39 Mogul Base
Wattage 400W
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