2' Kona Sun VHO BLUE LED Ultra Bright

2' Kona Sun VHO BLUE LED Ultra Bright

Brand: Hamilton Technology
Product Code: AKS2
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2 ft Kona Sun™ VHO BLUE Ultra Bright LED Retrofit Series

  • 18 x 1 Watt All Blue Diodes
  • Add Bright Sparkling blue light to your aquarium
  • Greatly enhances the vibrant colors of your coral and fish
  • Energy Efficient - uses less electricity than PC, compact fluorescent or T5
  • Create vibrant colors & shimmer effects similar to natural sunlight
  • Does not promote algae growth
  • Less Heat - aluminum housing
  • Remote power supply with Quick-Disconnect included
  • Water resistant - sealed LED fixture 
  • Low Profile - fits in 1" height space 
  • Long life
  • Totally Quiet

Available in:

  • Royal Blue (100% 450-460nm Blue)


Includes Transformer
Dimensions 23 3/4"L x 1.5"W x 3/4"H
Wattage 18W
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